In today’s fast-paced digital era, saving a few seconds here and there can accumulate to significant time savings over the long run. One way to achieve this is by mastering keyboard shortcuts. Whether you’re an avid Windows 10 user looking to boost your productivity or someone new wanting a crash course on the most effective shortcuts, this post is for you. Dive into my handpicked list of favorite Windows 10 shortcuts, from simplifying your file management in the Windows File Explorer to browsing the web more efficiently. Let’s streamline your tasks and make every keystroke count!

Windows File Explorer

Open Windows Explorer

  • WIN + E

New folder

  • Ctrl + Shift + N

Change file explorer view

  • Ctrl + Shift + 1-6

View properties of a file

  • Alt + 1 (use Ctrl + Tab to browse through the tabs)


Hide all windows except the active one

  • WIN + Home (Pos1)

Auto-size the columns in Details View in a File Explorer window. Works in most places where the ListView Common Control is used.

  • Ctrl + Shift + NUM PAD PLUS

Screenshot (screen selection)

  • WIN + Shift + S

Show Desktop

  • WIN +D


  • WIN + .

Size a window to half my screen

  • WIN + Arrow Keys

Task Manager

  • Ctrl + Shift + ESC

Switch between open programs

  • ALT + TAB


Delete Cache

  • Ctrl + Shit + Del

Close Window

  • Ctrl + W

Change tabs

  • Ctrl + Page Up and Ctrl + Page Down