Do you want to test the latest Wordpress version (including plug-ins and themes) without having to install a full development environment (Apache, MySQL,PHP etc.)? If so, then Docker offers a simple solution to quickly commission and de-commission a WordPress + MySQL development environment in no time.


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Powershell

Installation & Configuration

1. Start Powershell, create a directory and install the docker-compose.yaml file found in this Github repository.

You can get it via:

git clone


wget -uri -OutFile docker-compose.yaml

2. Start the show by running the command docker-compose up.

This will launch the two containers and link them together. You will see logging to your terminal window. You can press Ctrl+C to stop the containers and get your command prompt back. To launch the containers in the background add a “-d”.

3. Connect to your new WordPress server at http://localhost:8080/

That’s it.

Now you simply go through the normal WordPress installation process and within a few screens your new site will be fully active.

docker-compose stop will stop the containers from running. Doing docker-compose start will start them up again.

WHEN YOU ARE DONE and want all this to go away, just type docker-compose down and the services will be stopped and the containers removed.